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itt TOKYO2024

駐日外国政府観光局協議会(ANTOR-JAPAN)会長 フレデリック・マゼンク氏

  • 2023年1月4日


Created in 1966, ANTOR-JAPAN is the association of foreign tourist representatives. ANTOR-JAPAN aims at strengthening the growth of outbound tourism from Japan to the world through cooperation with the travel trade.

Tourism is obviously a major industry, but it’s also a special industry. We think that developing international tourism leads to a better understanding and appreciation of various nations and cultures and thus plays a vital part in making the world a better, safer, friendlier place for all.

For three years now the world has been facing difficult circumstances and we have seen many changes happen in the tourism industry.

For many months the inbound & outbound tourism to and from Japan has been stopped excluding in part the business travel.

However, in 2022 we have started to see a limited "re-start", especially since the re-opening of the borders of Japan in last October.

Market recovery has begun slowly but we expect a much stronger recovery in 2023 with Japanese people being able to travel easily again.

There are still many uncertainties in front of us and it is then very important that we work together and keep sharing each destination's information to prepare this recovery in the best possible way.

All ANTOR-JAPAN members remain motivated and active. We all look forward to get the Japanese outbound market moving again with our friends from the travel trade.

Let us make 2023 the year when many Japanese travel abroad again!





 現在、観光業界の回復はゆっくりと始まりました。2023 年には多くの日本人が以前のように旅行されることが予測されます。